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Taina BOFFERDING,  Luxembourg Minister of Equality between Women and Men. Born on 22 November, 1982 in Esch-sur-Alzetter, Luxembourg. Luxembourg politician, member of LSAP (Luxembourg Socialist Party). Member of the Luxembourg Parliament since 2018.

On Friday, 17 July 2020 Taina BOFFERDING (LSAP), Minister of Equality between Women and Men, presented the 4th national action plan on equality. According to Ms. BOFFERDING eventhough there is legal equality between the sexes in Luxembourg, there is still a lot of work to be done in breaking down stereotypes.

As a result of such believe the Ministry has set up an action plan that comprises seven thematic priorities, which in turn are divided into 48 measures and 99 concrete actions.” More in the Luxemburger Wort article here.

The article and the statements from Ms. BOFFERDING’s press conference confirm her detachment from reality and the true gender inequality problems Luxembourg society faces nowadays.

The plan also delivers additional evidence that the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men is nothing but a gender bias organization funded by the Luxembourg government established to only seek for special rights of one social group ignoring gender equality the Ministry supposedly is to stand for.

In the above mentioned article domestic violence is mentioned but only the violence against women is discussed. The author neglects to mention that in 2019 almost 40% of domestic violence victims were men. This “small detail” completely escapes the narrative of the Luxembourg government controlled media.

The current shape and form of the propaganda campaign focused only on domestic violence against women add to profound misrepresentation of facts promoting bias insinuation communicating to the public that men are the only cause of domestic violence and women and children are the only victims of it.

Minister BOFFERDING also continuously talks about gender pay gap, a problem that simply does not exist in Luxembourg and is artificially created by Luxembourg feminist and leftist organizations even though the reported pay gender gap in the Grand Duchy region in November 2020 was 1.4%!

Out of “48 measures and 99 concrete actions” presented by the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men none includes or mentions violation of children rights in Luxembourg family courts during custody proceedings. Violation of the rights that are directly linked to gender discrimination of fathers in the same Luxembourg courts. Not a single word about continuous violation of fathers’ parental rights in Luxembourg institutions post separation and divorce.

In her letter to FAD from April 26th, 2019, Ms. BOFFERDING states that the problem of gender and parental inequality in Luxembourg courts are within the competences of the Ministry of Justice only. If so, why does the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men involves itself in the campaign for equality for women in the workplace and the pay gap, one of the most fraudulent arguments to date? Following the logic of Minister BOFFERDING shouldn’t that be adequately the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy? Judging by the name of the Ministry, Minister Dan KERSCH in charge of this government branch holds wide range of competences and responsibilities. Hypocrisy in a pure form.

More information regarding the work of the Luxembourg Ministry of Equality between Women and Men can be found in the letter sent to Minister BOFFERDING on 26 November 2019. It will not be long before it will be a year since the letter was sent. We are still waiting for reply –  Download & Read 

Examples of gender parental discrimination in Luxembourg institutions – Download & Read.

“Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn an mir kënnen e Beispill fir den Rescht vun Europa sinn.” –

– “We want to remain what we are and we can be an example for the rest of Europe.”



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