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This is the Luxembourg signature. We can see it all over the country.

As a nation we would like to reinforce positive perceptions, to overcome stereotypes and prejudice. We aim to highlight what Luxembourg, beyond its own interests, can bring to Europe and the rest of the world. This is what the “LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN” website says presenting along other things our country’s Objectives, Vision, and Values.

We want to be a modern, dynamic, open-minded, and reliable society where creativity, diversity, and sustainability find its home. We seek to establish our country as a competitive financial center, innovative and environment friendly economy with number of government initiatives and a general objective to make the world a better place. Some of these ideas and goals include establishing Luxembourg Space Agency, legalization of cannabis, same sex marriages, adoption of children by same sex couples, extensive real estate projects, building new infrastructure such as new airport, new tram lines, new football stadium, etc.

As a country proud of its heritage and having its roots in the heart of Europe looking into the future, we would like to set  example as an inclusive and egalitarian society. Yet, we fail to assure parental equality in Luxembourg courts and institutions.

Divorce is a dramatic life change; at the time it happens and then for the rest of the lives of those involved. It leaves a trace and has long-term effects on children when they are eventually adults themselves. The increase in divorce rate indicates a galloping social shift presenting serious problems to the society and Luxembourg future in general. Thousands of Luxembourg children currently under 12 years of age are being raised in more broken family homes than ever before. As a society we must offer legal and administrative frame as well as political support to assure these kids are to be brought up with appropriate care and love, family values and equal or as equal as possible access to both parents.

The below FAD™ Postulates are our requests with the objective to remove elements of unjust treatment preventing equality from being present across all social spheres in Luxembourg. State regulations and laws in need of revision and change.

Our postulates

Lët’z Make Equal Shared Parenting – ”Résidence Alternée” THE DEFAULT LAW in Luxembourg.

Council of Europe Resolution – CE Resolution 2079/15.

Courage, Strength & Love

For Jeremi & Oliwier and All the Children finding courage, strength and love when dealing with separation and divorce of their parents.


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