Fathers Against Discrimination™ – in RTL Lëtzebuerg “Journal Special” reportage

Fathers Against Discrimination™ – in RTL Lëtzebuerg “Journal Special” reportage – See more

The reportage and the studio discussion raised the point that FAD exists and this is the positive element of the story. The reportage to some extend communicated that discriminatory practices against fathers take place in Luxembourg courts but did not even get into discussion about the deficiencies of the new Luxembourg “Family Law” introduced on Nov. 1st, 2018 regarding Equal Shared Parenting – Alternating Residence.

Not to our surprise the guests in the studio omitted the fact that a woman can boycott introduction of Equal Shared Parenting – Alternating Residence, proven to be the best model for children during separation and after divorce, by simply not agreeing to it and then get awarded custody as a reward.

Considering that 1 out of 3 victims of domestic violence is men presenting as a follow up story reportage about a woman victim of violence in our opinion set a theme of profound misrepresentation of facts and promotion of bias insinuation communicating to the public that men are the only cause of domestic violence and women are the only victims of it.

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