Jugendamt – Above the Law German “Youth Office” – by

Jugendamt is a German institution for child protection. It has unrestricted power over families and can retrieve children from their parents without a court order, hinder the use of mother tongue etc.

Currently there are several hundred complains against Jugendamt in European Union institutions, mainly from member states of the EU but also from USA and Canada. Cases exposing Jugendamt activities and questionable behavior of German government officials and  approach often leading to what is described as kidnapping of children, fueling a multimillion hugely profitable racket that has destroyed countless families especially of those families who home school their children.

***A German law, enacted during the regime of Adolph Hitler whose tactics for brainwashing children were used throughout Nazi Germany, outlawed home schooling as being detrimental to the child’s social development. That is to say, it’s considered “child abuse” to home school. During Nazi rule, children were enlisted in the “Hitler Youth” and were asked to spy on parents, neighbors and friends for suspicious activity.


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