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Office National de l'Enfance - ONE (all Kand zielt)

Over the last two decades, every year a Luxembourg based organizations including Office National de l’Enfance – ONE (all Kand zielt) with other accomplices REMOVED ON AVERAGE OVER 1000 CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS AND FAMILIES PUTTING THESES CHILDREN INTO SHELTERS OR IN FOSTER FAMILIES!!! In 2019 it was 1329 children. An internal document from one of the Luxembourg institutions confirming removal of children between 2006-2019 can be uploaded HERE.

Considering the change of Luxembourg demographics over the last 20 years and increase of population, an average of 1000 children per year seems like a surprisingly stable number. Good enough to assure operational budget of the organizations in charge.

Our organization contacted ONE and  SCAS on numerous occasions over the course of last years trying to establish communication. Most recently we also asked for the most current statistical data. We have not received any reply. Quite unfortunate considering that ONE is part of the Ministry of Education.

According to the information acquired from Okaju in 2019, under the current law, once a child is removed from his family and solidified by a judgment, the removal often becomes permanent with many children historically, remaining under a supervision of different institutions UNTIL THEY TURN 18 YEARS OLD regardless of the age when the removal took place!!!

Furthermore, the evaluation of whether a child should remain in the shelter, internat, foster family or return home is done by experts often employed or contracted by the same organizations that benefit from receiving government subsidies for having the children under their supervision or in their facilities (approx. € 6,000 PER CHILD PER MONTH!)

Someone may say that there are cases where removal of children from their family environment is the only option. Maybe, or maybe not. There are many other ways and means that can help families in distress to deal with their problems. Removing a child from their parents and families should be considered as the last resort, done in severe cases where child’s safety is endangered and only if other prevention measures did not work.

High number of Luxembourg children removed from their homes by Luxembourg institutions every year has been known to Luxembourg decision makers for years. These drastic measures and practices clearly approved by different stakeholders in Luxembourg, have resulted in hundreds of complaints and legal actions filed by Luxembourg parents against Luxembourg state. EU institutions and different European human rights organizations have reprimanded, audited and instructed Luxembourg to introduce changes in the outdated and backward law to protect children and their rights. Yet, these interventions have met for years with nothing but passive approach from the Luxembourg institutions. 

Last time in 2019 when FAD met with Okaju our organization was informed that the “government consultations” associated with changes of the law on “protection of youth” took nearly a decade but we were assured that the work was almost completed. This was in 2019. We have now 2023 and we are told again that the work continues and the overdue necessary amendments are coming.

It is surprising to learn that in Luxembourg adjustments of laws and regulations benefiting certain social groups can be easily and quickly introduced. On the other hand, urgent and necessary legal reforms protecting Luxembourg children assuring their rights are not violated need decades of expert discussions and works no one can keep track of. So, why it is as it is? Well, as always, with every story similar to this one, the easiest way to find the answer is probably by is following the money.

FAD – Fathers Against Discrimination a.s.b.l. “Both Parents for All Children” has been collecting evidence over the course of last years with the objective to release the details when appropriate and needed exposing the work of certain individuals, organizations, social workers, experts, lawyers, children attorneys, judges and the Police.

Laws or no laws, it is time to take actions. Our organization will reach out again to the Ministry of Education (ONE) and SCAS asking for the most recent statistical data (2020-2022) regarding number of removed children from Luxembourg families. Political parties and all deputies of the Luxembourg Parliament will be also contacted with a request for the parliamentary question to be raised demanding an audit of Office National de l’Enfance – ONE (all Kand zielt) with a view of acquiring more information about the nature of the work of the organization, general operations, the employees as well financial status of their association.

If ONE continues to deny us the information that our organization will take other measures and legal avenues to assure transparency and right of access of Luxembourgish citizens and residents to the information in question.

Lët’z Make Equal Shared Parenting – ”Résidence Alternée” THE DEFAULT LAW in Luxembourg.

Council of Europe Resolution – CE Resolution 2079/15.

Courage, Strength & Love.

For Jeremi & Oliwier and All the Children finding courage, strength and love when dealing with separation and divorce of their parents.


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