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all Kand zielt (Office National de l’Enfance – ONE)
Children are the most precious and the most important elements of our society. They are because they are our future. Parents have eternal rights, duties and responsibilities with regard to their children. This goes equally for both father and mother. Parents are to look after their children but children are not a property of neither parent. They are also not a property of any organization nor state. As a matter of fact they are not a property of anyone. They are not half-people as some adults think. They are just like us adults, only better. They have dreams, needs and feelings.

all Kand zielt Office National de l’Enfance – ONE (Child Services) is a Luxembourg based “sister” institution to Jugendamt, a German organization continuously audited and reported for abusing its power. all Kand zielt ONE every year between 2006-2019 REMOVED ON AVERAGE OVER 1000 CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS!!! (1325 in 2019). Internal document acquired from a Luxembourg institution confirming the above can be uploaded HERE.

Considering the change of Luxembourg demographics over the last 14 years, increase of population, country’s inflation and increase of the cost of living someone would say a surprisingly stable number helping to assure operational budget of the institutions associated with all Kand zielt – ONE justifying their existence.

Based on the information acquired by FAD – Fathers Against Discrimination asbl the same institutions participate in providing advice to Luxembourg courts if the taken away children should remain in their facilities and then the same institutions benefit from receiving money for it, including government funds (all together approx. € 6,000 PER CHILD PER MONTH!). Some may argue that sometimes removing children from their homes and families is the only option. Maybe so, maybe so. But permanently until they become adult?!

There are many other ways and means that can help deal with problems families in distress face nowadays in Luxembourg. Removing a child from their parents should be done only in severe cases when children’s safety is endangered or if there is reported and confirmed abuse.

According to one of the Luxembourg officials once the children are permanently removed from their parents and families by all Kand zielt – Office National de l’Enfance – ONE the current Luxembourg law (Code Civil) makes the removal of children nearly impossible to revoke regardless of age UNTIL THE CHILDREN TURN 18 YEARS OLD!!!

A fascist and appalling approach well-known to Luxembourg decision makers for years but continuously enforced in so called “best interest of children”.  A policy considered by many as modern institutional children trafficking. An institutional procedure silently and systematically introduced in the heart of Europe, in a great nation such as Luxembourg. A procedure that “surprisingly” has yet escaped attention of the Luxembourg media and press. All this accompanied by approved Luxembourg state continuously deteriorating Luxembourg families, the very foundation of the most important element of the Luxembourg society.

It is time to take actions and raise questions not only to the current government but also to the Luxembourg Parliament. Parents, grandparents, fathers, mothers, politicians, member of the parliament, all of us should DEMAND AUDIT AND EXPOSURE OF THE WORK AND ACTIVITIES OF all Kand zielt – Office National de l’Enfance – ONE as well as all the shelters available in Luxembourg.

FAD – Fathers Against Discrimination a.s.b.l. has asked to meet with those in charge of all Kand zieltONE on numerous accessions to discuss the above. So far, our request have been denied. HERE is the link to our last correspondence sent to Ms. AREND.

Lët’z Make Equal Shared Parenting – ”Résidence Alternée” THE DEFAULT LAW in Luxembourg.

Council of Europe Resolution – CE Resolution 2079/15.

Courage, Strength & Love

For Jeremi & Oliwier and All the Children finding courage, strength and love when dealing with separation and divorce of their parents.


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