Most recent story “Image of fathers in Luxembourg” covered by Luxembourg RTL.

Most recent story “Image of fathers in Luxembourg” covered by Luxembourg RTL.

Until only recently women were oppressed in every domain. The father was the boss at home. He left in the morning to have fun in the office and he forced the mother to stay at home and do all the work. After the father came home, he wanted to rest and expected the food to be ready. Mother worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Thankfully now things are changing, mothers can also leave the house, go to work and in most cases they do a better job than men because masculinity in general is really bad and stands in a way of complex thinking. Finally, the fathers begin to understand, that they have to be responsible as well, support the mothers at home and they slowly learn how not to present danger to children.

Although what fathers do at home doesn’t have the same quality as the work of mothers, but at least, they try and because mothers are so understandable, they forgive them for all the mistakes 😉

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